My Essential Products

Ever wonder what my setup is like at home? Want to find something that you won’t regret purchasing? Then look no further! This page is dedicated to bringing you quality products that you will value!

I view everything found here as my essentials. That means that the items on this page are either products that I have and love or ones I've researched and would still recommend.

Most links on this page go to Amazon. Full disclosure: Rise Productive participates in the Amazon Associates program, and we’ll earn a commission on qualifying purchases made through the links on this page (at no extra cost to you). We’ve done our best to research products that are great quality and inexpensive.

Sony ZV1

Audio Technica AT2020+ USB

Octogon GVM 80W Lightbox

Sony ZV1 Cage

Blue Snowball Microphone

RGB LED Light Strips

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