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Creating Notion workspaces that streamline systems organize your datadrive towards your goals.

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Hi, my name is Demetri Panici and I am a Notion consultant and business systems/workflow builder. As someone who has built their business’s workflow from the ground up in Notion, I know how to get your business on track when starting from zero.

I lead a team that delivers proven results to optimize not only your Notion workspace but your entire workflow using my Evergreen methodology to save you time and gain a positive ROI on this investment. That’s not just fluff, I guarantee you’ll save time and if you don’t I’ll give you all your money back.

“Demetri is one of the best when it comes to Notion and productivity coaching.” — Deepak Mehta - (Collaboration Advisor)

The Notion Certified badge symbolizes the individual's vast knowledge of Notion.

Evergreen Workspace Partnership

Evergreen Workspace Partnership

Long-lasting Notion workspaces for your team.

1. Discovery

No two teams are the same and the same goes for Notion workspaces. On your free discovery call, you’ll have a Notion expert working with you to figure out your unique needs and vision.

2. The Earth

Centralized backend information.

With our Evergreen methodology, we’ll utilize the core four master databases based on the P.A.R.A method to provide you with, Roots, Tasks/Events, Projects, Resources, and effective archiving of their components.

Within these master databases, we’ll organize your information based on your needs. Some example information we’ll organize:

  • Contacts & CRM
    • Internal team members; sales pipelines; client project portals
  • Documents & Files
    • HR, accounting, onboarding, and other internal/external forms.
  • Productivity Frameworks
    • Time, Trees and Priorities (Our GTD Method), Getting Things Done (GTD), Objectives and key results (OKRs), Idea Capturing with a Second Brain, Agile Notion Project Management
  • SOPs and Frameworks
    • Internal Standard Operating Procedures and external Scopes of Work.
  • Events & Schedules
  • News & Announcements

3. The Harvest

Easily accessible information.

We often never see the layers of The Earth that lead to its core, we instead reap the rewards of the harvest on Earth’s surface. The same will be for your master databases in your custom workspace. We’ll create custom views to help your team access and capture information efficiently and effectively. Some example views:

  • Organization homepage
  • Specific team homepages
  • Individual homepages
  • Roots & Project Pages
  • Accompanying synced header views
  • Onboarding templates
  • Shared file drives
  • Staff Directory
  • Client portals
  • Content calendars
  • Page, view, and database templates
  • Notion automations & integrations to other apps (with Zapier & Make)

4. Our Evergreen Partnership

With your Evergreen workspace created, we'll put together reference guides/video tutorials for your unique Notion workspace and then hold a comprehensive training session for your team. Since our relationship will be Evergreen we'll ensure you continue to reach your organizational goals as Notion continues to grow and change. Some things our partnership may include:

  • Regularly scheduled office hours
  • Monthly audits, cleanups, and recommendations
  • Personalized updates about new Notion features, and how they would fit into your workspace
  • Discounted updates and overhauls based on Notion product update

Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

Start the conversation by giving us some information about you! This will help us move forward as effectively as possible. This isn’t a contract, an estimate is all we need. We want this partnership to be Evergreen.

Engagements starting at $3,000.

We are nearly at our full client capacity for this service cycle. Make sure to fill out this form before we are fully booked!


Our customers are satisfied with their workflow because of our content, products, and services.

"Love Demetri's content! He's usually the first channel I watch every morning on Youtube. I'm new to Notion and his content helped me to get started on the right track."


Content Creator

"Demetri is one of the best when it comes to Notion /productivity coaching. His productivity videos have not only helped me achieve my targets but also helped me better utilize my time."

Deepak Metha

Collaboration Advisor

"Demetri has helped me structure my life when it comes to Google Calendar and task management. I also find the Rise Productive podcast really interesting. Great work!"

Sakeus Berg